Additive: Who Are We?

We Are Media

Additive is a visual & interactive design company focused on speaking to your consumers through unique visual experiences. The Additive team combines decades of experience creating stunning commercials, music videos, corporate and consumer-targeted videos, game trailers, web design, animated graphics & logos, and graphic design.

Developing The idea

Additive believes in a collaborative effort. Our creations come from within a network of tightly-knit artists, from the top down. By offering client access to everyone involved in each venture, from director to editor and everyone in between, we ensure the highest standards and tailor a post workflow for you that saves both time and money.

What Exactly Do We Do?

Additive can handle all of your multimedia needs, from web video to high definition to a full 4K workflow. Whether your needs require an intimate, one-to-one project or a full-scale, Hollywood-style set production, Additive is fully equipped to deliver what you need from first camera roll to final post-production delivery.

Our talented on-set staff and post-production artists deliver cinema-quality video, motion graphics, visual effects and 3D modeling, rendering and design. Whether you need live over-the-web broadcasts, full scale production, or strictly custom-built graphics packages, Additive has your needs covered.

The Latest News


Licor 43

Additive, in conjunction with Malbon Farms, has produced a series of lifestyle vignettes to bring youth and life to the Spanish liqueur, Licor 43. Spain's most international, made from 43 carefully selected, all-natural ingredients has been one of the finest liqueurs available worldwide since the early 20th century. Additive has taken the brand's prestige and excitement and brought it to life by following an eager and love-struck group of twenty-somethings on an adventurous metropolitan night out.

View the first vignette here.

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